Monday, October 12, 2009

DFM's first radio interview on Actualidad 1020 AM

This Saturday, Carlos Abad and I visited the studios of Actualidad 1020 in Coral Gables. Radio show host Carlos Herradez conducts a news radio show about the city of Doral every Saturday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. So, there we were, right on time! I thought we looked pretty funny, each of us with headphones on and a big foamy microphone right in front of our noses. There were lots of electronic equipment and we sat around a tall table with tall chairs while Carlos H. introduced the show and his guests. Carlos A. and and were both very nervous, and I'm sure you could tell if you listened to the show! I'm trying to get the recorded version so I can link it to this blog and you too can listen to it.
But, in spite of our jittery voices, radio host, and his producer Andreina made us feel right at home from the get go.
All along, radio listeners were calling and asking when and where the market would open. It was a very nice surprise that the phones kept ringing and Andreina kept giving out information.
It was really a neat experience. Carlos H. asked a few questions regarding how the idea came about. Some radio listeners were asking about solar energy and Carlos A. did a good job explaining the basics of solar panels.
See you all on Halloween day!

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