Monday, September 28, 2009

City of Pembroke Pines Farmers Market

Saturday, Mansi and I visited the first Farmers Market in the City of Pembroke Pines. The location was quite nice. Plenty of parking spaces and vendors were not crammed. It was laid out on each side of the sidewalks. We did not like the fact that the produce truck was right behind their booth and it was the first thing we saw as we entered the area. We did like the booth for kids to plant their seeds into egg carton containers. Brilliant idea to teach kids how to give life to this wonderful seed that will eventually bear fruit!
We counted about 120 cars in the parking lot. Not bad for a first day!
Overall they had a good vendor mix. Although, we would have like to see more fruits and vegetables. Natural teas, healing coffees, wonderful pasta, aromatic flavored olive oils, potted plants, hand made ornaments, jams, dips, jewelry, guacamole & salsas filled in the area with each individual's charm. We spent about one hour as the sun was getting strong and the humidity was elevated. Rain was inevitable and by the time we got home, it was indeed pouring.
We met some great people and had a good time in Pembroke Pines. Good luck to you Northern neighbors!

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