Thursday, August 13, 2009

A "rare" trip for your taste buds

Last night, my husband and children attended the Rare Fruit Council’s meeting ( held at the Miami Museum of Science (
Not knowing what to expect, we showed up a little early and were greeted by some amicable folks. Immediately, they offered to try their rare fruits. Soon, people continued to pour in, and before we knew it, there was a vast display of colors, textures and smells that as I had never seen before. My kids went straight for the fresh strawberries! I ventured to try the guanabana and passion fruit, and was that a delightful shock to my taste buds! My husband loved the mango pie. We saved all the seeds so we can start some plants.
Unfortunately, I had to take my kids to do a diaper change and 2 minutes into it, the meeting got started. Thanks to my husband and his impromptu Toastmasters skills, he was able to make the announcement of our existence as a Farmers Market. By the time I got back, the meeting was well underway. I passed out some flyers and vendor applications, and then enjoyed the presentation by Lynda LaRocca on Brazil’s Pantanal’s and is flora & some fauna.
Lynda projected very interesting and inviting images of the Pantanal. I was impressed with the enormity of the country’s savanna and the beautiful and ever changing display of various plants and flowers. The blue skipper was a rare find, and Lynda captured a beautiful image on her first few days there.
As a child, fruit was always abundant in my house. We always had a basket full of apples, pears, oranges, bananas, plums, and in the summer, it was a treat to have watermelon and melons as well as pineapple and peaches. But, if you really want to challenge your senses, attend the next meeting on September 9th. I look forward to it. This time, my husband will be in charge of potty duty so I can do a short presentation on the Doral Farmers Market! J

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