Thursday, June 4, 2009

We are looking for farmers to sell their fresh produce at

the new farmers market in the city of Doral.

Please contact Mansi or Andrea to secure your spot

786-845-8271 or 954.558.8975

You may also send an e-mail to

or join our Doral Farmers Market group on Facebook


  • Doral was recently rated #2 city to live well in America (see Forbes Magazine article "America's Top 25 Towns To Live Well")
  • There are over 13,000 households in Doral, with a median family income of $80,600.
  • If only 1% of the households shop at your produce stand, and they spend an average of $10, you will make $1,300. Not bad for a 1/2 day worth of work!
  • 78% of Doral Residents are Hispanic, and they appreciate fresh markets as this was their method of buing produce back home.
  • Farmers markets offer a prime location, and costs such as insurance and marketing are shared with others.
  • Large profit margins.
  • Customer feedback is often immediate, offering the farmers first hand knowledge of what the shopper really wants.
  • Minimal start-up costs & immediate access.
  • Positive farmer to farmer relationships.
  • Publicity for the farm.
  • Less food miles saves money & the environment.
  • Reduce wastage.
  • It's just plain fun to sell at the farmers' market!!

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  1. This year, we have adopt a tree event right here in Doral. Check it out and mark your calendars to get your free tree.


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